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Our administrative litigation services include, federal or state nullity trials before the TFJA and TJA of the states, trials before district courts, collegiate courts and SCJN, as well as, before any authority under the executive branch, in the civil area, federal or state judicial proceedings, ordinary, special, real estate leasing, contractual and extracontractual civil liability, written and oral trials, family proceedings, divorces.


In commercial matters we implement judicial and extrajudicial claims and collection procedures. Ordinary, executive, written and oral commercial and/or mercantile litigation. Arbitration, enforcement of commercial awards and in general all legal proceedings arising from obligations and commercial transactions, corporate litigation, challenging resolutions, liability of directors and liquidators, proceedings relating to general conditions of contract, as well as bankruptcy law.


We provide advice on any matter related to alternative means of dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, negotiation, transaction or any other means to avoid litigation before the judiciary or others.


Likewise, in criminal matters related to the defense of patrimonial, environmental, intellectual property, corporate criminal liability and anti-corruption crimes. We also provide services in criminal compliance and crime prevention.

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