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Diego Madariaga



Practice Areas:

  • Corporate Finance.

  • Stock Market Finance.

  • Intellectual Property.

  • Administrative Litigation.

Profesional Experience:

  • Professional Experience:

  • For the past eight years I have served as a consultant and business advisor for SMEs and corporations, areas of human resources, marketing, administration and finance. 

  • In the last two years, adding to my consulting repertoire, I have been able to develop as a law postulant in the areas of administrative litigation, intellectual property, corporate, labor, commercial and financial law.

  • Currently I am a financial advisor to multiple national and one international company, where I played the role of executive financial advisor supporting in the evaluation of assets, financial models for investment and corporate financial structure.


  • Bachelor's Degree in International Business & Finance from Universidad Anáhuac.

  • Law degree in process from Universidad Latino Americana.

  • Master in Emotional Intelligence & Wellness Coaching, Nordjyllands Idrætshøjskole University, Denmark.

  • Master's Degree in Banking and Stock Markets, CEU Cardenal de Herrera University.

  • Certification with NOM EC0217 competency standard for the delivery of courses and human capital training.

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