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With the support of Clínica Ambiental and ACRI Corporativa, we provide our clients with advice in the field of environmental protection and strategies necessary for the commitment to sustainable development.

At AVA, we are convinced of the importance of integrating ESG standards in companies and their supply chains, as a fundamental element to endure over time, be sustainable and create significant value in the long term.

The term ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) covers issues such as good labor practices, product and/or service safety, environmental impact, business ethics and integrity, anti-corruption actions, transparency, among others.

It is important to carry out a diagnosis, so through ACRI Corporativa, we identify your company's practices in relation to ESG factors, detecting areas of opportunity, avoiding or minimizing risks. We also corroborate and validate that the supply chain used by our clients is environmentally and socially responsible, conducting itself with integrity, ethics and transparency.

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