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We have the necessary equipment and technological tools to protect our clients' intangible assets, implementing solid and effective prevention, protection and management schemes in the handling of national and foreign portfolios, which include:

  • Industrial designs.

  • Commercial names.

  • Trademarks.

  • Plant Varieties.

  • Industrial secrets.

  • Border measures.

  • Unfair competition.

  • Copyright.

  • Denominations of Origin.

  • Domain names.

  • Franchises and licenses.

  • Patents and Utility Models.

  • Administrative, Civil & Commercial Litigation.

  • Intellectual Property Offenses.

The frontiers of knowledge continue to expand, so we have devoted significant resources to study, learn and apply the potential of new technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Avatars, Computer Crimes, NFTs and IoT.

We advise people in the exploitation of their personal image, we collaborate in the calculation of royalties for the commercial exploitation of the intellectual property of our clients, we advise talents in the environment in which they operate, as well as on the protection of the privacy of talents, we audit portfolios of intellectual property rights, websites, valuation of intangibles and with our network of correspondents and alliance with the TMKonnect platform, we reach more than 150 countries.

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