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Our lawyers specialized in this area provide, among others, services such as the following:


  • Labor audit: review of documentation related to labor relations: contracts, receipts, attendance lists, etc.

  • Consultancy in labor matters.

  • Attention and defense of claims filed by workers.

  • Conciliation and Arbitration Boards and Labor Courts.

  • Attention to summons before the Labor Defense Attorney's Office: negotiation and elaboration of agreements.

  • Attention and follow-up of inspections by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

  • Corporate labor counseling focused on the closing, merger or acquisition of companies. 

  • Employer substitutions.

  • Transfer of personnel from one company to another.

  • Support and/or advice on termination of labor relations, as well as the preparation of severance payments, resignations and liquidations.

  • Termination of labor relations agreements before the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards.

  • Training of the Human Resources area.

  • Checklist and/or compliance in labor matters with our platform: ACRI Corporativa 

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