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Our tax practice comprises mainly the areas of litigation, consulting, planning and representation before federal and local tax authorities that have an impact on the taxpayer's tax situation, for which our services include:


  • To defend our clients against any legal provision and/or regulation established by the tax authority that violates their fundamental rights, against tax credits arbitrarily determined by the tax authorities, as well as against any other resolution that causes an aggravation in tax matters to our clients.

  • Provide advice regarding the interpretation of the tax provisions and the correct compliance with them; through the analysis of the client's daily operations.

  • Design and implementation of fiscal and corporate strategies, tending to the optimization of the fiscal cost, through the absolute and unrestricted compliance of all the applicable legal dispositions.

  • Attention to audit procedures, derived from the exercise of verification powers of the tax authorities, presentation and attention to requests for refund of tax credits and/or undue payment, formulation, design and approach of consultations in tax matters, requests for authorization, etc.

  • Tax Compliance.

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